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Wow, it is November 12, 2017! After being evacuated Sunday night October 8 and then again October 11 we were in days of reactive mode “what to do next from hourly to daily”. October is one of our busiest times with 95% occupancy for our B&B . Gregg and I did our best to contact all of our coming guest (cancelling booking and returning deposits). We quite often did not have cell phone and or internet connections! In the following weeks after returning home we were still in a reactive mode. Although we did not have any fire damage, we did have a lot of yard debris from the 50mph winds that were the cause of the fast moving fires. Seven truck loads later of leaves and limbs the grounds are getting back to normal. The smoke did linger for a few days but a light rain a couple weeks after the start of the wildfires was a God send and helped so very much. The rain dampened the smoke and washed off the ash that was on every house and car! As many of you know we were planning a major remodeling project. We had preplanned to be closed December through April. Well the fire put our Architect and septic improvements behind by a month or more. We are now planning and looking toward completing the remodel asap. Because of the fires we expect a very high demand for contractors and building supplies in the coming year. Cost and availability could critically impact our plans. “We better not wait”. Our communities and Napa Valley are all pulling together to reestablish a normal Wine Country environment. Lynn needed a little extra time to decompress. Gregg works for Keysight Technologies and when returning to work was informed that the Santa Rosa Campus had major fire damage. 125 fellow employee’s lost their homes. He is now commuting 1 1/2 hours one way and working 10 hours a day ,much of his commute takes him though the worst of the fires damage. His company is very positive about their future and hold fast to the motto “ Keysight Strong “ and will bounce back better than ever! Gregg & Lynn take pride in creating a relaxing, friendly and pleasant memory for every guest that have stayed with us. Evaluating all that has happened and what our future can bring we made a decision to close the B&B and proceed with remodel plans. The time line will obviously now be extended from our original plans, but we look forward to being back open by the start of summer. The negative outcome is that we will not be open for our guests that have enriched our lives and enjoyed their time with us. On the positive side, we will spend our time making ourselves more knowledgeable of the many wineries and ready to share those experiences with visiting guests to help with making plans for their visits to Wine Country. There are many restaurants we looking forward to now having time to enjoy and again share info with our future guests. On November 6th we made it a special evening and went to Auberge du Soleil “It was Amazing” but do save up$$$. We will also have time to spend holidays with family and friends. Lynn can finish unpacking boxes from 3 years ago and Gregg can get that shower handle bar put in the sterling, lol. We plan to get the remodel done! Gregg and I have our story of events that have happened in the past weeks and realize in comparison we were only inconvenienced. There are so many people that have been drastically affected by the wildfires. Circumstance that have left may people in life changing recovery. We notice that communities are reflecting and that everyone is doing whatever they can do to reach out with help. Thank you for checking in on how the Potters are doing. Just know we are enjoying a little time off and are excited about our future at the Potter’s Foothill House!


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